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Monday, January 30, 2006

Night John

This book was very powerfull. It was a good story of adversity overcoming the odds to learn at all costs. But the graphic writing left me feeling guilty in some sense for how Night john was treated. Not that I had any thing to do with his treatment, but that there are still people out there who want to mistreat people of different races. I think this story would be a good story for several different reasons. I t can be used to reinstate the importance of education, and let students realize how lucky they are to be able to have the ability to learn. It can also help address issues of racism and abuse of power.

Using literature to create Social Justice

This article also relates to the last post. It deals with the morals in life that stories can help to uphold. Whenever a teacher is faced with some issue in class, and is struggling with the proper way to deal with it.
If a book can be brought in to compliment the issue, then the teacher has a way of representing the problem through literature. So many books today have stories dealing with bullying, drugs, violence that a teacher can use these resources to compliment a personal planning lesson with. Even though the stories are not necessarily about the students in question the moral remains the same and the lessons learned can affect the students positively.
We are moral educators as well as academic, considering less and less parents have the time or ability to confront some of these issues. We have an obligation to try to help students the best way possible. There are many stories that can be related to the real life issues that students deal with on an every day basis.

Selecting and evaluating Literature

This article was chosen due to the section of dealing with inclusion of special needs students in the classroom. I feel this article relates the most to the story Dancing Wheels. In today's society more aand more kids are watching television, adds, and reading magazines where media portrays the so called norm that students are geared toward becomming.
Students are bombarded day in and day out by various stereotypes and the small section of this article explains the purpose of finding articles that break down those gender or other sterotypes.
Progress is being made in the way of including literature away from those previous norms. More stories about real life issues that affect kids on an evey day basis are becomming acceptable. It is these stories that we as teachers must gear toward reading. Not the happily ever after fairy tales or yore, but the stories of resiliency and struggle that most students are living on any given day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dancing Wheels

Patricia McMahon has written a book that aids teachers and others to integrating special needs students in a PE class where dancing is concerned. I am doing a dance unit in my up coming practicum and I find this book is a great resource towards integration of students. It is full of wonderfull pictures and a hope ful story where one little gir gets to partcipate in a dance rehersal.The book is full of good ideas an photos that demonstrate how a whell chair student can access the fun of dance. You should definitly check it out

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How I love to read

I had a moment in my life following the death of my mother when I went through thirteen diffent books in forty days. Although I enjoyed these books to the extreme and they served their purpose, they were not childrens literature. So the purpose of this excerpt is to right about another series of books that I am absolutely in love with. This of course is concerning The Harry Potter series. Although there are many people in an education career that disagree with the subject area involved in the series of books, I find if the books get the students to read then they are complete worth the paper they are written on.
From the six books that I have read so far book four The Goblet of fire Has to be the best one yet. It is full of metaphors and language that take me away to a world that is mystical and unknown to me.

A Multicultural Book

One is Canada, is a counting book that uses multicultural images to help students recognize the differences experienced in Canadian culture. It is full of bright images that relate to Canada's history. Stories about different people that create a whole Canada.
This book could have connections to the math IRP'S through the use of counting up to ten through various areas in Canada' history.
Each number is represented by a specific Canadian moment. For instance number two represents the various different people coming together in unity by two hands shaking in friendship. Where the number three is represented by the various animal life in Canada.
I believe this book could hold much potential toward different curriclum connections. It can be used during science, social studies and first nations learning.

One of my favorite Children books

Are you My Mother was the first book that my eldest daughter read in whole. She may have memorized the pictures and the story but she new every aspect of the story. But even though she knew the book by the time she was three the best part of the whole experience was that after every reading she would give me a hug and say, " You are my mother and I love you".
This book brings back so many fond memories of simpler days when my children were younger and used to accept everything I said without a doubt.
The pictures in the book are usefull for young students to identify the path that the little bird has taken.